This is the ported version of Forum Poll starter plugin.

The author of this plugin is Rieger.

How to install:
1. Upload the folder fpolls to your plugins/ folder
2. Install the plugin through the admin cp
3. Add this tag {FORUMS_TOPICS_NEWPOLL} to your forums.topics.tpl
The tag will just put a img link in your skin file. By following that link you can add a new forum topic poll

In the package there is an image for the new poll link but it's in german so
you will propably have to make one yourself. Name it poll_topic.gif
and put it in your skin/skin_name/img/system/ folder

If you have many skins don't forget to do the same procedure for all of them.

With this plugin you can use the build-in polls system of seditio
to add polls to your forum topics. To edit the polls you have to do
it through the admin cp for polls. yourdomain/admin.php?m=polls

Changes since ldu version
1: Moved the poll_topic.gif img from the
plugins/fpolls/img folder to

so you can have more appropriate img based on your skins.

2: Added the option to submit a poll topic as a private if in the
forum section private topics are allowed

3: Moved all the phrases from the skin file to a language file.
i had to remove the german pack as i don't speak german and i couldn't
update that too.

4: The minimum level to submit a poll topic now is handled by the seditio
rights system. By default the plug will allow all your members to be able to
submit poll topics if you want to change that edit the rights of the plugin
yourdomain/admin.php?m=rightsbyitem&ic=plug&io=fpolls and remove the write

Download Forum Poll Starter