T3-GenSiteMap is a seditio plugin to create google and yahoo compatible sitemaps. A sitemap gives information about the pages in your site to help the search bots crawl them more effectively.

Features :
* Support for google and yahoo format.
* Include Lists and Pages with their pagination.
* Include Forum sections and Topics with their pagination.
* Include Memberlist with its pagination and user profiles.
* Auto exclusion of content that guests can't read.
* Custom "frequency" and "priority" settings for each section.
* A lot of settings to personalize your sitemaps.
* Gzip Compression if server supports it.
* Auto Notify Google and Yahoo bots to crawl the updated sitemaps.
* Multiply sitemaps.
* Logging system.
* Translation support.

What's New

Version 1.50

- Adopted sitemaps protocol 0.9.
- Added a couple addons to support plugin urls.
- Added sitemap download stats.
- Fixed a bug with yahoo auto notification.
- Fixed a bug with user links.
- Fixed a lot of logical mistakes.
- Improved performance during the generation.

Version 1.00

- First stable release

Read carefully the help.html inside the plugins/gensitemap/inc/help.html for installation instructions and howto use this plugin.

Download T3-GenSiteMap v1.50