T3 Smilies Management

What is this plugin ?
T3 Smilies Management 1.0 is a plugin to mass import or mass delete all the uninstalled smilies inside the default smilies folder.

Features :
- Easy use.
- Mass import.
- Mass delete.

How to install ?
The instructions are pretty same like any other seditio plugin.

- Uninstall older version.
- Delete all old files just in case i have made a major change.
- Upload again the folder smilies to the plugins/ path.
- Reinstall the plugin.

To access the plugin use this: http://yourdomain/admin.php?m=tools&p=smilies. The plugin is in the tools section in your admin-cp.

Plugin Notes!
The plugin is very user friendly.Upload all the new smilies in the default smilies folder of seditio system/smilies. Open it from the tools section. You should now see a list of all the uninstalled smilies. The plugin will generate for you the code, smilies text but you can edit the fields if you want to change something. Then you can delete or import the selected smilies.

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Download T3-Smilies Management v1.0