Komposta cmf is using a a lot of third party libraries except lithium one of them is HTML Purifier. It is used to ensure security in pages and comments. Komposta has an extended configuration page to setup multiple profiles and you can absolutely play with all the settings from purifier for 100% control. In my last post i embedded a youtube video and it only took me 45 minutes to setup the pages profile lol.


komposta_purifier_1.png komposta_purifier_2.png komposta_purifier_3.png komposta_purifier_4.png komposta_purifier_5.png komposta_purifier_8.png


There are a lot of applications out there relying on html purifier but with limited configuration. I like configuration ;p

komposta_purifier_6_4.png komposta_purifier_6_8.png komposta_purifier_6.png komposta_purifier_7.png komposta_purifier_8_5.png 


Updated Screenshots 2012/11/16


I haven't posted anything for days, being busy with komposta CMF trying to reach a dev level that i am confident to share it with a few friends. One of these friends who is from UK asked me about the name of the project. Komposta is greekglish (Greek  text with English characters) for Κομπόστα which according to google translates to compote. Yeah i am not big on names but by coincidence komposta has a national anthem ;p


Terror X Crew was one the top Greek hip-hop groups before they split in 2002...