WP Explorer is an easy way to list directories and files on your server. Through a simple shortcode you can transform your posts and pages to file browsers.

- Easy Configuration.
- Easy modification since you have control over templates from the options page.
- Exclude files, folders, extensions from listing.
- Protection from listing directories outside the specified one.
- Hot-linking protection through htaccess.
- Pretty links.
- 100% Ready for translations.
- Ability to include file version through a specific filename format.

Directories listing information
- Name
- Last Modification Date

Files listing information
- Name
- Size
- Last Modification Date
- Extension icon
- Version *

Keep in mind the version must be numeric 1.0a for example won't work. To include a version to your files use this format (name)_(version).(ext) e.g. guestbook_100.rar, test_wp_oti_nani_100.txt, email.change_1.0.zip

= What's New=
Version 0.5

- Fixed Bug with spaces in folder names.
- Fixed Bug with wrong check when hotlinking protection is disabled.

Version 0.4
First Initial Release

== Installation ==
1. Upload the folder wp-explorer to the /wp-content/plugins/`directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
3. Check the settings from the settings submenu WP Explorer.
4. Create posts, pages with the shortcode [ wp_explorer ]dir/path[ /wp_explorer ]

e.g. [ wp_explorer ]wp-content/folder_name[ /wp_explorer ]

WP Explorer requires at least wordpress 2.5.1

Download WP-Explorer v0.5