NetBeans allows you to define either global or project specific code formatting options. To apply the following rules globaly navigate to Tools > Options > Editor > Formatting and select PHP language. To define project specific rules right click on your project and go to Properties > Formatting and check the `Use project specific options` and of course select PHP language.

Because the default rules of NetBeans 7.3 are really close to Lithium's coding standarts, we don't need to change many options. Let's begin...

netbeans_lithium_formatting.jpgTabs and Indents

  • Expand Tabs to Spaces: Uncheck
  • Number of Spaces per Indent: 4
  • Tab Size: 4
  • Right Margin: 120
  • Line Wrap: Off
  • Continuation Indentation: 0
  • Array Declaration Indentation: 4

Blank Lines

  • After Function: 0
  • After Open PHP Tag: 0
  • Before Close PHP Tag: 1
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