vBSed was the very first huge project i ever completed in php/mysql and it was for my own website 3dacc.net (r.i.p). Till this day i believe it was one of the very few proper content management system ever built for vBulletin v3.x.x before v4.0 even came out with its ugly ugly ugly cms. 3dacc.net was originally powered by ldu/seditio cms. At some point while the site was growing i decided seditio was lacking in forum features and decided to use the famous vBulletin. But while vBulletin was the best in bbcode forums apps out there it didn't have a proper cms official or not, vBSed was born.

vBSED = vBulletin + Seditio

vbsed_home.png vbsed_list_categories.png vbsed_list_pages.png vbsed_page.png

 It wasn't a poorly written bridge it was written from scratch as vbulletin product (module) and was based on all the things i believe made sedito a great cms, simplicity, easy to use, easy to extend easy to maintain. It included unlimited levels of categories, pages with different types like articles, downloads, links, a file manager and various homepage widgets.

vbsed_admin_categories.png vbsed_gpudb.png vbsed_pages_stats.png vbsed_sfs.png

 Some may not like the term proper cms but consider that at the time the best solutions out for vbulletin were a front-page mod with widgets and a fake cms that was camouflaging forums into categories and topics into articles. I think there were a few paid mods but  they weren't very popular. At a latter point a terminology section was added to vBSed which was embedded in all the site's content: forum posts and pages, linking terms back to their definitions (wiki style)

vbsed_termsdb.png vbsed_termsdb_term.png

The site was doing ok, for the last two years i kept it open without spending a dime on the dedicated server's cost, but i lost interest and web designing and development won me over. vBSed never got its public release and i closed the site 3 years ago. I wish i had released this project, who knows maybe now i wouldn't be in job searching...

When Sedio cms came out it took a while util people decided to update from LDU (predecessor). I gave it my best to make as much as possible to support that effort. The skins below is what i offered to the community, or what i manage to find in my locker. Some works are missing prob lost forever but anyway here is what i managed to save.


sedtheblaster.png sedterminal.png sedgreenday.png sedexodus2.png sedexodus.png sedblaster2007.png sedbelagio.png sedaqua.png sed3dfusion.png

If something seems interesting to you here are the download links.

Unfortunately Seditio died last year and although i left the community disgusted a couple of years before that i still believe it was a great cms that never managed take off because of stupid reasons. I learnt PHP\HTML\CSS working on LDU\Seditio and for that i will be forever grateful.

T3-Faq plugin v2.5 is a powerful faq-knowledgebase script with easy configuration and smart structure to support unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.

Read the help.html inside the docs folder for more information


Version 2.5 Speed Fighter
- Pre-Parsed BBcodes in anwsers. In some cases over 400-600% performance improvement.
- Added Question counters for categories, -1 query in categories list.
- Added Comments counter for questions, -1x query in questions list.
- Added Ratings Average for questions, -2x/3x queries in questions list.
- Added 4 new maintenance modes to support the new version.
- Added 2 new modules for the main page, most commented and most rated.
- Adopted jquery for the main ajax call, hopefully now it will work for everyone.
- Updated various code blocks. Nice and Clean.
- Updated Template files is now as simple as possible.
- Replaced sort options with a form, more easy to use.
- Fixed various small bugs everywhere.


Features :
1 : Unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.
2 : Easy and smart edit of categories and Q:A
3 : Protection from deleting by accident a category that contains Q:A
4 : Smart category navigator.
5 : All phrases are in the language file.
6 : Easy skinning.
7 : BBcode and Html parsing.
8 : Let your members ask questions.
9 : Comments and rattings for every Q:A
10 : Powerfull configuration
11 : Header Notices

Download T3 Faq v2.5

Domain Whois is a seditio plugin and a excellent addition to host sites. Check availability and see whois information about a domain. It is based on the domain class by Sven Wagener.

The class supports 270 tlds, but only net,com,org,info are enabled if you want to enable or disable some tlds open the plugins\whois\inc\domain.class.php and bettween lines 21-295 comment or uncomment the lines.

Tld or.at disabled org enabled.

//array("or.at","whois.nic.at","nothing found"),

array("org","whois.pir.org","NOT FOUND"),

Installation :

1 : Unpack and upload the files into the folder : /plugins/whois/

2 : Go into the administration panel, then the tab "Plugins", click the name of the new plugin, and at bottom of the plugin properties, select "Install all".

3 : Edit the rights for your groups

4 : Access the plug with the link plug.php?e=whois

Download Domain Whois v1.0

The main purpose of this plug when it first released was to replace the boring seditio pagination and add proper pagination in some areas. The second purpose of this plugin is to replace all the core hacks that all people are used to do. More over through the admin cp of the plugin you can run the most common maintenance queries. The plug won't add any more queries in your pages doesn't require any core hack to work.

- A smart and easy to edit pagination function.
- The new pagination applied to these sections: forum topics, forum posts, users, pm, list.
- Forums sections status icon.
- Forums posts buttons for quote, delete, edit, reply, website,gender and send pm.
- User Details: gender image and online status in both image and text format.
- Users: online status, website in userlist,.
- Admin tool to run the most common maintenance queries.

Version 1.06

- Fixed bug with the gender image (thanks to Motor2hq and Wappp)
- Added gender image tag in user list {SEDPLUS_USERS_ROW_GENDER}

Version 1.05

- Fixed conflict with the plugin Alphabetical filters

Version 1.04

- Fixed bug in pm pagination (Pagination was disappearing when viewing last page.)

Version 1.03
- Pagination improvements again.
- Cleaned up the code.
- Fix a multi-language bug.
- Fixed pagination for forum posts *
- Added a few new tags.
- Misc images are now included in the package.

*Seditio doesn't preserve the order and the way when moving from one page to another. This is actually an official bug that sed plus inherited.

Download Seditio Plus v1.06

T3-GenSiteMap is a seditio plugin to create google and yahoo compatible sitemaps. A sitemap gives information about the pages in your site to help the search bots crawl them more effectively.

Features :
* Support for google and yahoo format.
* Include Lists and Pages with their pagination.
* Include Forum sections and Topics with their pagination.
* Include Memberlist with its pagination and user profiles.
* Auto exclusion of content that guests can't read.
* Custom "frequency" and "priority" settings for each section.
* A lot of settings to personalize your sitemaps.
* Gzip Compression if server supports it.
* Auto Notify Google and Yahoo bots to crawl the updated sitemaps.
* Multiply sitemaps.
* Logging system.
* Translation support.

What's New

Version 1.50

- Adopted sitemaps protocol 0.9.
- Added a couple addons to support plugin urls.
- Added sitemap download stats.
- Fixed a bug with yahoo auto notification.
- Fixed a bug with user links.
- Fixed a lot of logical mistakes.
- Improved performance during the generation.

Version 1.00

- First stable release

Read carefully the help.html inside the plugins/gensitemap/inc/help.html for installation instructions and howto use this plugin.

Download T3-GenSiteMap v1.50

 What is the T3 PostMan plugin ?

T3 PostMan is a complete pm/email suite for seditio framework.

-- Mass PM / Email Users.
-- Number of messages to send at once.
-- Advance criteria form based on users profiles.
-- Include user information in messages (user id, name, email, activation link)
-- Integrated PHPMailer 1.73
---- SMTP authentication (including SSL).
---- PHP SendMail
---- HTML emails.


What's new ?

Version 1.1
- Applied stripslashes to the "From", "Subject", "Message" fields
- Added a new configuration option "Email Encoding"


Version 1.0
First stable release

Download T3-Postman v1.1

T3 Modcp is an easy tool to manage your site's content and members. This plugin isn't created to replace your moderators actions, it will mainly help you to do this job.

Features :
-- Easy management of the reports & warnings reasons.
-- Ability to add custom reasons for warnings.
-- Posts, Pages, Comments and Users reports.
-- Automatically generated item snapshot during report.
-- Easy and smart navigation in the backend with paginated results. (sedplus inc)
-- Open, close, delete reports.
-- Activate, archive, edit, delete warnings.
-- Active and total warnings counter for each user.
-- Users can't report themselves.
-- Auto notify warned users.
-- Full logging of the mods actions with the seditio logs system.
-- Cached header notices.
-- Display active warnings in user's profile.
-- Ability to sort warnings and reports by the warned and the reporter.

Read The readme.html inside the plug's folder.

Download T3-Modcp v1.0

1 : What is this plugin ?

CCMAXROWS (Custom Category Mar Rows Per Page) is a seditio plugin which allows you to set custom maximum lines in lists for each seditio category.

Features :

- Easy use.

- No db changes, no extra queries.
2 : How to install ?

The instructions are pretty same like any other seditio plugin.

- Uninstall older version.

- Delete all old files just in case i have made a major change.

- Upload again the folder ccmaxrows to the plugins/ path.

- Reinstall the plugin.
3 : How to use ?

To set the custom maximum lines in lists for each category access the configuration of the plug and set the categories limits like this




Make sure you separate each entry with a line break. You can specify all or even one category to have a special list limit. If the plug can't find a entry for one category it will just use the default seditio config.

Download CCMaxrows v1.0 -Fixed Guest Auth Parameter

T3 DB Tools is a seditio database management plugin.

-- Backup all or selected tables of your seditio DB.
-- Table information and schema.
-- Browse tables (experimental)
-- Drop, truncate tables.
-- Option to export data, structure or both.
-- Support for gzip, bzip2 compression of the backups.
-- Restore database backup.
-- Run custom sed queries.
-- Extra security rights.
-- Check, analyze, repair and optimize tables.
-- Auto create the backup folder and the directory blocker protection.
-- 100% ability to translate.
-- Easy navigation and event reports.

How to install?
The installation is pretty easy and very common as every other simple seditio plugin.

-- Upload folder dbtools to your plugins/ folder. (*)
-- Install / Reinstall the plugin through the admin cp plugins management.
-- Edit the plugin configuration to serve your needs.
-- Open the plugin from the seditio tools section, T3 DB Tools.

* If you are updating Delete all old files since v1.0 there are some major files changes.

Version 1.6
- Fixed bug of adding page output to the backup file.
- Fixed bug without sql sql_delimiter.

We Strongly recommend to use Admin Login with T3 Db Tools.

What's New 1.5
Version 1.5
- Adopted phpMyadmin sql import procedure.
- Backup functions improved a lot. (faster and smaller results)
- Added bz2 compression.
- Added table information and schema.
- Added table browse.
- Added drop, truncate tables fuctions.
- Added online editing of config.php.
- Fixes and improvements everywhere.

The adoption of the import procedure from phpMyadmin fixed a lot of bugs but the performance took a serious hit. but it's still fast enough.

Download T3-DB Tools v1.6